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VikinX brand is inspired by our roots from the Vikings and their passion for exploring.

The Vikings are known for their assaults on their neighbors of Europe but their Viking raids (quests) were much more than violence, murder and looting. 
In fact they had interest in nature surrounding us and mostly in travelling and exploring.

Legends tell of the sleeping hero Holger the Dane: The Viking warrior who never died. He never died but instead he is a sleeping hero residing in the dark cellar of Kronborg Castle. Holger the Dane is watching over Denmark in his sleep but if one day Denmark is in danger, Holger the Dane will wake up to his deed.

Our legacy about the Vikings is still not forgotten and still today the Danish people are proud about the history and myth surrounding Vikings. 
In 2018 at the Danish Song Contest a song about the Vikings was placed 1st and ranked among the best at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Artist Jonas Rasmussen performed "Higher Ground" and won the Danish peoples hearts.

Higher Ground | Eurovision Song Contest 2018


All our VikinX collections are Danish designed


VikinX Spring/Summer 2020