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Young company, decades of experience

X-Time A/S was founded in 2018 and therefore a new company by date but by experience the story is quite different. All our team in charge has from 20-35 years of experience dealing with developing, production and worldwide selling of sports-, outdoor- and leisure wear and equipment.

Our company was founded to fill out the market, where we found that our brands VikinX & AthletiX would be missing and appreciated by the "people".

Based on decades of physical and practical experiences, both the brands VikinX & AthletiX are designed and developed for all of us who wants more - for less. Our philosophy is Value for Money means good functional fabrics and details within very competitive price levels for the benefits for both men's and women's.

New styles and colors will be developed and added every spring/summer and autumn/winter collection to ensure that the collections are fully up to date. As we have customers all over the world, there will always be a possibillity to develop and add specific styles and colors for optimizing the collections for specific countries.

We have showroom in both Herning and Odense

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